Join Our Membership and Get a Discount

Enjoy discounts ranging from 30% to 75% off by subscribing to different tiers of membership plans. E.g. If you are a Bronze member, you will get 30% OFF on any cloud hosting services from Cloud Clusters.
Bronze Membership Plan
Bronze Membership
$49.00 /yr
Silver Membership Plan
Silver Membership
$149.00 /yr
Gold Membership Plan
Gold Membership
$349.00 /yr
Platinum Membership Plan
Platinum Membership
$649.00 /yr
Exclusive Benefits of CloudClusters Membership
Everyone can enjoy Cloud Clusters Membership and enjoy member-only benefits, especially IT professionals and cloud hosting resellers.
Amazing Discount
Although Cloud Clusters's application hosting services are already quite affordable, members can still get up to a 75% discount with this membership!
Four Membership Levels
You can choose a level based on the maximum number of your required applications to save the most. The higher the membership level, the bigger the discount on hosting payments.
Discount for All Products
Cloud Clusters provides hosting services for dozens of open-source applications now and plan to launch more in the next year. Feel free to deploy any application and enjoy your exclusive discount.
Applicable to All Billing Cycles
The discounts are available and applies to all application hosting service payments made within a year membership, whether you’re purchasing a two-year subscription or monthly subscriptions.

Choose the Membership Plan That Fits Your Situation

Each application costs about $84 per year. Take a look below to see how much you can save with each membership plan when compared to the regular costs.
Membership PlanRecommended Numbers of AppsreportRegular Price(/y)Membership Price(/y)
3 ~ 10$251.64 ~ $838.80$176.15 ~ $587.16
10 ~ 30$838.80 ~ $2516.40$461.34 ~ $1384.02
30 ~ 100$2516.40 ~ $8388.00$1006.56 ~ $3355.20
100 +$8388.00 +$2097.00 +

How to Join Cloud Clusters Membership?

Becoming a Cloud Clusters Member requires just a few clicks.
Sign up for a Cloud Clusters Account
Sign up for a Cloud Clusters Account
Register a Cloud Clusters account and complete your account information.
Purchase a Membership Plan
Purchase a Membership Plan
Choose a membership level that suits your needs and make a payment.
Enjoy the Benefits of Membership
Enjoy the Benefits of Membership
Membership will be effective immediately after the payment. You can enjoy all membership benefits.

FAQs of Cloud Clusters Membership Program

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Cloud Clusters Membership Program.

How can the CloudClusters membership save me money?

CloudClusters membership program offers exclusive member discounts on all application hosting services. After buying a membership plan, you can receive discounts for up to 75% OFF your application hosting service purchases. The higher the membership level, the bigger the discount on hosting payments. For example, if you are a bronze member, you will save 30% on application hosting services compared to the regular price. Check examples of each membership level savings when joining CloudClusters membership.

Who can join CloudClusters Membership?

Membership in CloudClusters is open to everyone. However, it's more cost-effective for clients who have or plan on having multiple applications, like resellers and IT professionals.

How much does it cost to join CloudClusters Membership Program?

Annual membership fees are based on the membership level you choose. There are four member levels to choose from:
Bronze membership Level: $49 per year
Silver Membership Level: $149 per year
Gold Membership Level: $349 per year
Platinum Membership Level: $649 per year.

When can I start to use my member benefits?

Once the membership payment is received, you can start to use the exclusive member benefits. The hosting discount will automatically be applied to any application hosting service payments that are made within the membership year, including for subscriptions to new applications and for application hosting service renewal. This discount is not applicable to services other than application hosting, such as VPS, dedicated servers, and GPU servers. Purchases made before becoming a member of the program will NOT be eligible for discounted prices/reimbursements. However, you can renew or buy as many hosting services as you'd like within the membership year.

How many applications can I buy with each membership plan?

There is no limit to how many applications you can buy with any membership plan. However, we recommend you order a certain number of apps based on each plan as this will save you the most. For example, if you are in a Bronze Membership plan, we suggest to get 3-10 apps. If your application count goes over 10 but less than 30, you can save more by upgrading to a Silver plan.

How long is my membership valid?

A CloudClusters membership is valid for one year from the time of purchase.

Can I buy more than one membership plan at a time?

No, each client can have only one valid membership. If the current plan couldn't meet your needs, you can upgrade it to a higher plan.

How can I upgrade my membership plan?

You can upgrade your membership in three simple steps:
1. Contact us and specify your desired membership level.
2. Receive an upgraded invoice from us.
3. Notify us after you finish the payment. We will manually modify your membership grade.

Can I downgrade my membership plan?

No, we do not allow downgrading plans.

Can my membership fees be refunded?

No. CloudClusters membership is nonrefundable and nontransferable.

Can I renew services with the same discount after my membership expires?

No, discounts are only available with a valid membership at time of purchase.

Can I enjoy the membership discount for a 2-year subscription?

Yes, you can receive a membership discount as long as it's a payment during the membership period.

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